Radon Test Kit

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that you cannot smell or taste, but may be present in your home or office environment. The Surgeon General says that radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking, and is responsible for as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

Fortunately, exposure to radon is a preventable health risk – The Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of the Surgeon General encourage all Americans to test the radon levels in their homes and offices. The recommended action level for radon is 4pCi/l. Those areas that test above this level are considered dangerous.

Check out these brochures from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for more information about radon and testing for radon:

What You Should Know About Radon

Pennsylvania Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction

Pennsylvania Citizen’s Guide to Radon

Purchase a radon test kit by visiting our online store or by calling 1-800-220-1990.


Breathe Pennsylvania’s Asthma Day 

August 3, 2017
10:15 a.m. to 1 p.m
Kennywood Park

Children with asthma want to have fun, and they are looking to understand their asthma in ways that don't separate them from their peers. Rather than keeping children with asthma away from activities, Breathe Pennsylvania's goal is to put an emphasis on education and recreation, which encourages children to explore activities that they can take part in.

Fourth through sixth-graders with asthma, along with their parents or caregivers, are invited to meet with professionals, learn about asthma and ask questions. The $20 registration fee includes tickets to Kennywood for each child with asthma and two guests, lunch and fun. To register, click here. For more information, call 724.772.1750.