This is the second in a series of guest blogging posts by The Wheezy Runner about training for the Pittsburgh Marathon with asthma. To read her first post, click here.

Breathe Pennsylvania will be at the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health and Fitness Expo during race weekend to provide peak-flow testing and information.
I held myself accountable and posted on my blog and social media that I was going to get 10 miles in and I did. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted but I did it. Tuesday’s weather was too beautiful to pass up.blogger-image-412539407-300x300

I got to test out my new knee brace because it seems that when I get to mile 5 or 6 it feels awful and makes it hard to keep going. I also got a new pair of shoes that were on sale the other day. These are my first pair of Saucony’s. I’ve always been a Brooks fan, but these were a pretty big win.

Here’s an update on my asthma – It sucks. I’m not making excuses but with how bad our winter was, mixed with how bad this spring is, it’s getting hard to train. I’m trying to not let it hold me back but I got to mile 5 and needed my inhaler break. Once I took my inhaler I did better on my run, but it was still hard to breathe. Last year I could run 13.1 miles at a pace of 10:40. This year I’m lucky to do it at a pace of 12:00. It gets extremely frustrating but I keep telling myself the more runs I get in the better it will get.

This long run was faster than my last long run, but on that run I didn’t need my inhaler. I’m not going to let myself get down on this run because other than needing my inhaler half way through, it was a comfortable run.

My chest still hurt after my run and it was hard to breathe but I did a breathing treatment before bed.

Have a great Workout Wednesday!