School-Based Allergies and Asthma Management Program Act, H.R. 2468

School-Based Allergies and Asthma Management Program Act, H.R. 2468 has become law and will open the doors to better allergy and asthma support in the school setting.

Caregivers and children who deal with asthma and allergy will now have a stronger voice in the school setting when it comes how their management will be handled. Here are the recommendations for Schools regarding allergy and asthma: identify students; create action plans based on caregiver and provider recommendations and guidelines; school nurse or other designated school personnel should be assigned to administer medications; provide education to all school personnel; and make an effort to reduce and/or remediate triggers.

School Districts which provide policy and procedural guidelines regarding allergy and asthma school management will have preferential treatment when seeking federal grant support.

Breathe Pennsylvania continues to advocate for our families of children with allergy and asthma by providing education, program, and resources for both family and school personnel. Contact us to get started:

  1. Breathe PA’s Certified Asthma Educators are available to work with families and schools by providing a traditional “in-person” asthma education and management session.

  2. If a school nurse completes Breathe PA’s in-person or live virtual asthma training, and they have their family complete a Caregiver Permission Form, an Asthma Kit will be provided for each family at the time they receive an asthma education session.
  3. A third option is a virtual training for families of children with asthma. Once the family completes a Caregiver Permission Form, an Asthma Kit is shipped to the family and a time is set up for a virtual training delivered by Breathe PA’s Certified Asthma Educators.
  4. School Personnel can receive in-person, live-virtual, or recorded asthma education and training.

Your Breathe PA Certified Asthma Educators are here to support you!

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