The time has come, and kids are heading back to school.

At the top of your list of “must-dos” should be how to prepare for another successful school year by supporting the management of your child’s asthma with anyone who interacts with them.

Who is on that list? A few people you hadn’t considered, or maybe you have but didn’t know how to get started.

Establishing a good care network with teachers, school nurses, and other school personnel will help ensure your child’s safety and encourage them to participate in all aspects of the new school year.

The whole process is much easier if roles and responsibilities can be defined for everyone on the child’s asthma team.

Your child must be included in establishing a current asthma record because you will only sometimes be there if they need help. To better understand your child’s asthma, visit our YouTube channel, Breathe Pennsylvania – YouTube, for videos on Asthma triggers, exercise, and proper use of a spacer with an inhaler. Visit School Asthma Initiative (SAI) – Breathe PA  to download a free Asthma Action Workbook, which includes an Asthma Action Plan.  

Being prepared can help when meeting with your child’s physician to discuss and create an Asthma Action Plan. This plan should cover medications used at home and school, purpose, dose, and what to do if your child has an asthma attack at school. Remember to provide current contact information and the medication needed for the school nurse’s office.

Finally, meet with your school nurse and discuss what information should be shared with teachers and school personnel. Your school nurse can determine the best way to share this information.

Everyone on the same page will help support your efforts to keep your child healthy in school and ready to learn.