Charitable Bequest


With over 110 years of commitment to the southwestern Pennsylvania region, a bequest from your estate will continue to ensure sustainability for our organization for years to come.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a gift from your estate—a transfer of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans. You can make a bequest to Breathe Pennsylvania by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate to Breathe Pennsylvania.


Is it for me?

Some of the advantages of creating a bequest include:

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for Breathe Pennsylvania in the future.
  • A bequest is flexible; you can modify the language/your intent of the bequest should your circumstances change.
  • A bequest is versatile; you structure the bequest to your wants and needs.
  • A bequest provides tax relief; If your estate is subject to estate tax, your gift is entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift’s full value.

How does it work? 


  • To make a charitable bequest, you need a current will or revocable living trust. 
  • Your gift can be made as a percentage of your estate, for a specific amount, securities or property, or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family.
  • To arrange a bequest to Breathe Pennsylvania, you must sign a new will or living trust instrument, add a codicil to your current will, or make an amendment to your present trust instrument.
  • When planning for a bequest, you will need to consider how you would like your gift to be used to—whether unrestricted in purpose or restricted to a specific program or purpose- to benefit Breathe Pennsylvania.


To further discuss your gift planning, or for sample bequest language, please contact:

Brittany Zuckerman 
Director of Development & Communications 
724-772-1750 x 21