Back-to-school season is here again!  While the first day of school can be so exciting, classrooms that sat closed up for months might provoke an asthma attack. When focusing on classroom clean up and set up, please keep students with allergies and asthma in mind.

These simple tips can keep your classroom healthier for students with asthma:

  • Keep the classroom free of clutter, which can accumulate dust and dust mites.
  • Make sure air supply vents are properly working and are not blocked.
  • Don’t cover up smells. The scents from oil wall plugins, room deodorizers and candles can trigger asthma very quickly. If there is a smell in the room, figure out where it is coming from.
  • Contact the custodian for stained ceiling or walls. It might indicate that there is a water leak, increasing the chance for the presence of mold or mildew.
  • Limit the use of area rugs. If you have some, make sure they are cleaned weekly.
  • Store any supplies in clear plastic containers and avoid using cardboard boxes. Cardboard can be an invitation for pests to build a home.

Proper classroom clean up and set up will eliminate allergy and asthma triggers, allowing all students to have a great first day—and a great school year.