Kicking The Habit In 2021

As we start every “new year” we often have high expectations for a “new me”. In these moments we focus on long term goals when maybe the focus should turn to short term goals and lots of planning. Smoking cessation is hard work and beyond that a daunting task that can make you feel confused, out of control and helpless. Often ex-smokers tell me that quitting was the hardest thing they have ever done, and it took many attempts. What can we do differently? Consider your prior attempts as practice, not failures. Step back and figure out what did not work in the past and make it work this time by changing your mindset, using new skills, and gaining a sense of confidence from being prepared and in control.
It is now 2021 and these are some FREE program options that can help as you plan to quit.


Eight weeks of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Gum, Patch, lozenge) mailed to your home, with five phone counseling sessions (with Quitline counselors). *Chantix is offered for Medicaid patients only through the Quitline*

Quitlogix/ Fax to Quit

Two weeks of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (mailed to your home) with phone and/or email counseling sessions offered, and updates sent to the provider that referred client.

Virtual Smoking Cessation

Please utilize the website listed above or call 1-800-215-7494 to find the Health Educator in your County. Clients in the SW Region enrolled in virtual smoking cessation counseling may receive a $50 coupon for NRT through Giant Eagle, or they may sign up through the Quitline to receive Eight weeks of free NRT. Clients enrolled in virtual smoking cessation classes and the five phone counseling sessions with Quitline counselors are eligible to receive a $50.00 American Express gift card, upon completion of both programs.

Pregnant Women

Encourage sign-up through Quitlogix and Adagio Health Virtual Smoking Cessation Classes. Client can receive $10 per phone call with the Quitline and $15 per call postpartum. Adagio Health can offer $50 gift card after the patient completes the Quitline and additional incentives during the process.

My Life My Quit

If the client is UNDER 18 years old, we cannot provide NRT, but we can provide counseling services and information on My Life, My Quit. My Life, My Quit (MLMQ) is a specialized cessation program through the PA Free Quitline for teens and young adults. The website provides information about tobacco and vaping and offers phone and text support. Provide MLMQ materials to the teen and sign them up through the MLMQ or Quitlogix website, just as you would an adult. MLMQ is ran by the PA Free Quitline and the same counselors are trained to work with adults and youth.