Exercise benefits our bodies by controlling weight, it helps us to fight certain health conditions and diseases, and it improves our energy and mood.  But when you have asthma, exercise may seem impossible because while exercise is very beneficial to us, asthma that is out of control will make it more difficult to workout.  It is very important to work with your doctor to control your asthma before you decide to begin an exercise regimen.

With asthma, my choice of exercise is running.  I know when and how fast I can run, and when I need to pre-medicate.  I do more of my road work in the fall and spring, while spending my hot summer days and cold winter days in a controlled inside environment on a treadmill.

Asthma does not have to keep you out of the game, though.  There are exercises that are best if you have controlled asthma that will benefit you.  It is very important to offer your body a 5-10-minute warm-up and cool down, no matter what form of exercise you choose.

Some of the following exercises could work for you:

  1. Walking- studies have shown that 30-60 minutes of walking at a moderate pace is one of the best cardio exercises we can do, with or without asthma. Walking 3 times a week for 12 weeks can help better control asthma and increase your exercise abilities.
  2. Yoga- while offering you core strengthening, yoga is great for asthma because it teaches the individual controlled breathing. One study focused on people, who after doing yoga 2.5 hours a week for 10 weeks, were able to decrease their asthma medication.
  3. Swimming- Allergists have said that swimming is ideal for people with asthma because you’re breathing in air that is highly humidified and often warm, and staying horizontal can sometimes help loosen mucus in the lower parts of the lungs. Don’t think you have to swim laps either—just moving around in the pool can be beneficial. However, note that chlorine used in pools can trigger asthma, so use precaution at pools with a strong chlorine smell.

In addition to these exercises, Health.com also suggests baseball, softball, volleyball, and football as good sports for asthma because of the quick bursts of play coupled with rest.

Whether you pick swimming, football or walking, working out with asthma is very important for the health of your body. So, let’s get up and get moving!