Did you know that you could control your allergies in the home if you control your Indoor Air Quality? You might be surprised to know that the biggest culprit is your carpet.

Switching to solid flooring and using washable area rugs is the best way to control severe allergy symptoms. Assuming those symptoms are directly related to carpet issues. Most people are not able to make this expensive modification to their home. It is also a personal preference that can change the overall look of a home.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the rules listed below may help homeowners with carpet control allergens:

Rule #1: Select carpets with short tight weaves. They limit dirt and allergens from becoming imbedded, and consistent vacuuming will help keep such materials off of the top.

Rule #2: Look for newer vacuums with HEPA filtration.The Carpet and Rug Institute gives a seal of approval to vacuums that meet their standards, for more information visit www.carpet-rug.org. Keep in mind that the filters that will clog up over time. Periodic cleaning or replacement of the filters will keep them functional.

Rule #3: Try steam cleaning your home every six months. For DIY fans this can be a great project. Make sure any spills or stains are not only cleaned up quickly, but cleaned completely. A wet spot is an opportunity for mold growth.

Rule #4: This forth rule is my addition.Keep humidity levels low in a home. Please see previous blogs on basement wetness issues and mold.

Controlling Indoor Air Quality can be a chore, but easier breathing is a blessing for asthma sufferers.