Last week in our “Ask the Expert” post, a Facebook fan asked the question “Is it normal to have asthma issues after a meal?”

Here’s what our Clinical Director, Marianne Drevna, had to say:

That’s a really good question and not one that I hear often. My best guess is that either:

  • There is some allergic component to something you ate which has triggered your asthma.
  • You ate something that causes esophageal reflux which also can trigger your asthma.

My recommendation would be to start keeping a journal of what you are eating to find out if there are certain foods triggering a flare-up or just even minor symptoms like a cough.

Reflux is typically caused by foods high in acid like citrus fruits and juices, but can also be triggered by something as simple as a banana. Try eating smaller portions of food more frequently rather than large meals, as a full stomach can cause reflux.

If the condition continues, happens more frequently or becomes worse, contact your physician.