Are you struggling to manage or understand your child’s asthma? If either of these sound like you, Breathe Pennsylvania can help. We can meet with you and your child to discuss:

  • The basics of asthma, including triggers and symptoms
  • Medications and tools to help better manage asthma

Breathe Pennsylvania can also provide your child with a spacer* and peak flow meter, and ensure your child knows how to use them and feels comfortable doing so.

The goals of these sessions are to make sure you feel comfortable in your ability to help your child manage their asthma, ensure your child understands the importance of keeping their asthma under control and that having asthma is not a deterrent to participating in physical activities. Ultimately, well-controlled asthma can help reduce the number of missed school days due to asthma.

If you think you and your child could benefit from this education, please give Breathe Pennsylvania a call today at 1-800-220-1990.

*A prescription from your doctor is required for Breathe Pennsylvania to provide a spacer