School is out and summer is in full swing! Now it’s time for summer camp, which means exposure to new environments. If your child has asthma, attending camp will require extra planning so everyone is ready to deal with new indoor and outdoor triggers.

Begin by researching camps that are well-equipped to support your child and their asthma needs while meeting your child’s interests. These days, there are many more summer programs geared towards children with special health considerations, medications and dietary needs.

Create a list of the questions and concerns you have. For example: Is there a medical staff, clinic, pharmacy or hospital nearby? What kind of training is provided to staff? Who would assist in the event of an asthma attack? Are children allowed to carry their inhalers?

Once you’ve picked a program, use these tips to help ensure your child has a safe and joyous time at camp:

  • Ask your doctor to help create an Action Plan for camp.
  • Walk through scenarios with your child to make sure they feel secure in managing an asthma attack and are comfortable explaining to others what they need.
  • If possible, meet with activity leaders, the camp nurse, counselors and anyone who will be in direct contact and in charge of your child to go over their Action Plan.
  • If you can, visit the site to give you an idea of how to reduce, avoid or eliminate exposure to your child’s triggers.

With the right planning, your child will be able to enjoy summer activities while successfully managing their asthma. For additional information on asthma management, check out or call 1-800-220-1990.