Oxygen is a life saver but can also be extremely dangerous we have create an oxygen safety “DO” and “DO NOT” list. Remember that oxygen is a drug, very flammable and is only to be used as prescribed and directed by your doctor.

Oxygen Safety DO NOT:

  • Change the oxygen setting your doctor has prescribed until contacting them first
  • Smoke while using oxygen. This includes E-cigarettes
  • Charge batteries for E-cigarettes close to the oxygen source
  • Use electronic equipment such as vacuum cleaners or electric blankets while using oxygen. These need to be at least 5 feet from oxygen
  • Use more than 50 feet of oxygen tubing. For portable oxygen concentrators, no more than 30 feet of tubing. This includes the nasal cannula tubing as well
  • Use oil, petroleum jelly or grease near the oxygen equipment. This includes using Vaseline on or around the nasal cannula or your nose
  • Use aerosol sprays, face creams, hair sprays or oily lotions
  • Allow anyone except a trained professional to attempt to repair, use or adjust the equipment
  • Store cylinders in a closet or leave free-standing. They must always be secured in a rack, cart, or stand.
  • Store oxygen near heaters, radiators or heating vents
  • Cover oxygen tubing with rugs
  • Transport oxygen in the trunk of a car
  • Leave oxygen on while not in use
  • Touch metal fittings on liquid oxygen with bare hands

Oxygen Safety DO:

  • Transport oxygen in the back seat of your car on the floor and properly secured. You can wrap them in a towel or blanket if they are rolling around
  • Open a window about an inch when traveling with oxygen
  • Keep liquid oxygen upright when traveling