If your asthmatic child is heading off to college for freshman year, it can be nerve-wracking for you as a parent, but it doesn’t need to be.

Moving to a new area can expose them to different allergens, and new weather and climate changes that can affect their disease. Mismanagement of their asthma can interfere with their academics, and more seriously, it can be life-threatening. It is important for your child to take control of their condition, be empowered to seek medical care if necessary, assess their environment and triggers, and be able to evaluate their own disease.

Before heading off to college, students should:

  • Have prescriptions refilled
  • Find a new physician and a new pharmacy if they are going away for school
  • Understand the importance of taking their medicines daily, even if they feel better

When they are at college, students should:

  • Assess their environment for new triggers to avoid
  • Keep their inhaler on them at all times
  • Exercise – Staying fit is important to help your asthma
  • Talk to friends, roommates, etc. about their condition so other people know what to look out for
  • Keep dorm rooms clean and free of dust and allergens

Are you a college student with asthma? Do you have any advice for others who are about to leave for college?

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