Smokeless Saturday

Smokeless Saturday is a teen education and cessation program for students found with tobacco and electronic cigarettes on school grounds.

Under current Pennsylvania law, students using or possessing tobacco at school may be disciplined by school administrators or referred to the district magistrate who can fine students $50, plus court costs. Often the total fee exceeds $150. School policies vary by district, please reference your parent-student handbook for additional information.

As a result, Breathe Pennsylvania designed a program that provides students with the tools to make healthier choices and learn how to quit. A student found smoking in school can attend Smokeless Saturday rather than pay court costs.

Smokeless Saturday is a one-day session taught by trained facilitators at 17 community sites throughout Western Pennsylvania. Students learn about smoking triggers, how to deal with stress, the long- and short-term consequences of tobacco use and how to quit successfully.

Over 500 students are referred to Smokeless Saturday annually. A recent survey of the participants showed that 40 percent quit using tobacco for more than five months; indicating that students were motivated to quit.

2019-20 Smokeless Saturday Schedule

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Rebecca Kishlock, BA, CTTS
Director of Tobacco Cessation and Education Programs

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