Keeping your metered dose inhaler (MDI) primed and clean are important steps not to forget to make sure you’re receiving the effective treatment from your inhaler. Inhalers

Priming is the releasing of one or more sprays of medication after you’ve shaken your inhaler. This step ensures that the inhaler’s ingredients mix together, giving you the correct amount of medicine. This is especially important if the inhaler is new or hasn’t been used in a while. Individual inhaler instructions may vary, so consult your manual to be sure.

Cleaning your inhaler to ensure that nothing is blocking the dispensation of medicine, this makes sure you receive the proper amount of medication. Again, individual instructions will vary, but generally the proper way to clean your inhaler is

  • Remove the metal canister from the plastic part of the inhaler (the actuator)
  • Run warm water through the actuator
  • Shake off excess water
  • Let the actuator dry thoroughly before replacing the metal canister

If you have further questions about properly caring for your inhaler, consult your doctor or pharmacist.