Lookingchocolate for a belated Valentine’s Day gift to give your loved one? It’s not too late to do something for the both of you that will last longer than chocolate and make you feel much better.

If you suffer from COPD, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis, ask your doctor to recommend a pulmonary rehabilitation facility and start going today. Pulmonary rehab will not cure your lung disease, but can help decrease your symptoms, increase your ability to exercise, and help you manage anxiety and depression, among other benefits. Pulmonary rehab has allowed some people to walk farther than they have been able to in years, decrease the amount of oxygen they need to use or eliminate its use altogether, or just plain feel better every day. The results vary like anything else in life, but the facts show that the sooner you enroll in pulmonary rehab, the closer you are to increasing your quality of life.

Breathe Pennsylvania has resources that can help you pay for pulmonary rehab if you are unable to, so give us a call today! Do something good for you and your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, and maybe by next Valentine’s Day the only time your breath will be taken away is when you’re with the one you love.