smoke-free-150x150Trying to quit using tobacco is hard, and resisting cravings can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome during the process. Remember, each craving that you successfully resist is one step closer to being tobacco-free! Try these tricks to help you achieve your goals:


  • Identify trigger situations, activities or places you associate with smoking, and have a plan to either avoid those situations entirely, or to get through them without using tobacco.
  • Write down why you want to quit, and go into detail, so you can remind yourself of why you’re quitting when your cravings get particularly intense.
  • Chew on gum, candy or some other satisfying snack to help distract yourself.
  • Talk to your doctor about the possibility of using Nicotine Replacement Therapy – there are many options available to assist you, both over-the-counter and prescription.
  • Physical activity or other activity that keeps your hands, body or mind busy can help distract you.
  • Quitting is stressful, so acquaint yourself with various relaxation techniques that can help you deal with the stress – Yoga and deep-breathing are two popular stress relief practices.
  • If you have a craving, take 10 minutes to distract yourself – This can help you push through a craving.
  • Build up your support system to lend you moral support throughout the process – Family, friends or more formal support groups can all help.
  • Speak to others who have successfully quit to hear their tips and tricks to resist cravings. They can also offer you encouragement and support.

If you’ve tried quitting on your own before and were unsuccessful, consider our Smoke-Free for Life program. We can help provide you with more strategies and support to help you become tobacco-free.