Breathe Pennsylvania’s School Asthma Initiative (SAI) can assist parents and caregivers of children with asthma through education about proper asthma management plans. It is important to keep the child’s school actively involved by providing the school with an asthma action plan developed between the child’s physician and the parent/caregiver. To support this effort, Breathe Pennsylvania can provide parents/caregivers with:

  • Educational sessions – Sessions promote engaging asthma control interventions, therapies, and equipment among parents/caregivers and their children with asthma. Parents/caregivers learn about asthma basics by utilizing an Asthma Action Profile that highlights two management tools: a peak flow meter and a spacer.
  • “Strategize and Be Asthma-Wize”– In addition to the educational sessions and Asthma Action Profile, parents of high school students receive a checklist to support these students as they prepare to graduate and start on a path of independent living and proper asthma management.
  • Student Asthma Kit – The kit includes an Asthma Action Profile, a spacer, and a peak flow meter. Available to each K-12th grade student who completes the “Education for Students with Asthma” program.
  • Educational videos available via our YouTube channel.

For more information, please contact:

Jeannie Simms, BA, AE-C®
Senior Director of Asthma Education and Programs
724-772-1750 (office) or 412-855-4594 (cell)
Counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Fayette, Greene, Indiana,
and Westmoreland.

Jessica Schuman, RN, BSN, AE-C®
Director of Asthma Education and Programs
724-900-1115 (cell)
Counties: Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, and Washington.

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