Professional Student Training

Breathe Pennsylvania’s School Asthma Initiative (SAI) offers community outreach opportunities and support to professional students in the healthcare field. Students from area nursing and respiratory care schools receive training and insight on how to provide support to families of children with asthma.

Professional students then have the opportunity to act as an interdisciplinary group to present Breathe Pennsylvania’s school asthma programs within SAI’s 10-county service area.

In preparation for participation in a School Asthma Program, professional students must complete the homework assignment prior to the scheduled program by clicking the link below. Upon completion of the school program, students can complete a final homework assignment which will make them eligible for the Asthma Award Program.

Professional Student Homework Assignment (this is a fillable PDF)

In addition, Breathe Pennsylvania can provide professional students with asthma who complete the training with a Student Asthma Kit, which includes an Asthma Action Profile, a peak flow meter, and a spacer.

Educational videos are available via our YouTube Channel for all professional students.

For more information, please contact:

Jeannie Simms, BA, AE-C®
Senior Director of Asthma Education ProgramsDirector of Field Services
724-772-1750 (office) or 412-855-4594 (cell)
Counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Fayette, Greene, Indiana,
and Westmoreland.

Jessica Schuman, RN, BSN, AE-C®
Director of Asthma Education and Programs
724-900-1115 (cell)
Counties: Beaver, Butler, Lawrence,
and Washington.

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