An offense is the best defense for maintaining optimal lung health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s our offensive plan for you during these unprecedented times:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Proper hydration keeps the lungs lubricated so that irritants and mucus can thin out.

Diet: Good food choices are essential for the immune system.

-Exercise: Movement will increase airflow and improve the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream, and increases airflow to your muscles, heart, and lungs.

-Reduce exposure to pollution, allergens, and irritants: The more irritated your lungs get from external sources, the more inflamed they get.

-Frequent Handwashing: 

Simple steps for a healthier you!

Jessica Schuman RN BSN AE-C

Every day we are at risk of picking up germs that could potentially make us sick.   Our bodies normal defense when we get sick is to activate its immune system to fight whatever is causing our illness.  A well-functioning body is a key to keeping us healthy, so what can I do to support myself from getting sick:

Wash your hands:

We have been reminded over the last few months that handwashing is our first line of defense. Proper handwashing is always important to help prevent the introduction of germs into the body system.  Per the CDC, the simple action of using soap and water with a rubbing method for at least 30 seconds can reduce your chances of a respiratory type illness by 16-21%. 


Our diets are so important to helping build our immune system.   An activated immune system uses more of the bodies energy and we get this energy from food we eat.   A diet high in nutrients is important for proper immune response.   A diet enriched with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy will help the body to ward off any germs that have been introduced. 


Moderate physical activity plays a major role in helping maintain a healthy body weight which helps lower your chances of having cardiovascular disease.  It will also decrease stress and help you sleep better.  Less stress and better sleep help your immune system to have a stronger response.   A conversation with your doctor can help determine what a good exercise regimen looks like for you and your health needs. 

Hydration:  Water is essential for life and staying hydrated offers the body a lot of benefits.   It helps our blood move oxygen through out the body, aids in digestion, keeps airways open, and flushes the body of wastes.  Daily water consumption amounts differ between age and sex, and your doctor can help you determine what would work best for you. 

It is very important to help your body defend against germs that make us sick.   We will never be able to completely stop a germ from entering our body, but that is alright because that is how we build immunity.  Using everyday simple actions as above can help us keep our bodies defense strong and reactive.