Smoke Free For Life

Smoke-Free for Life

Smoking Cessation Facilitator Training Program

Smoke-Free For Life is an eight-session smoking cessation facilitator training program developed by Breathe Pennsylvania. This approach focuses on the individual needs of each smoker, while in a group setting.

As a participant in Smoke-Free For Life, smoking cessation facilitator, you will:

  • Learn to overcome barriers that have kept you from quitting in the past
  • Develop a customized “quit-plan” that will lead to success
  • Learn the art of positive self-talk and watch it work for you
  • Understand how to control your weight during and after the program
  • Practice sound techniques to manage stress
  • Develop strategies that will prevent relapse
  • Give and receive support in a positive and comfortable environment

Key topics of this eight-session program include understanding the habit, developing a plan to quit and maintenance strategies.

Smoke-Free for Life Facilitator Training

Want to help your neighbors quit smoking? Become trained in Breathe Pennsylvania’s Smoke-Free for Life Facilitator Training Program! This program is appropriate for:

  • Community-based health educators
  • Health care professionals
  • Drug and alcohol treatment staff
  • Wellness coaches

The curriculum includes motivational interviewing and counseling skills, treatment planning, and pharmacotherapy. Program participants walk away with from this training with a broad understanding of tobacco and nicotine dependence and a curriculum that they can use to implement smoking cessation classes in their community. For more information or to register for the Smoke-Free for Life Facilitator Training, please contact Breathe Pennsylvania at (724) 772-1750.


Smoke-Free For Life
Program Information

For more information about the Smoke-Free For Life program, contact:
Rebecca Kishlock, BA, CTTS
Tobacco Cessation and Education Programs Associate
Office: (724) 772-1750