Smoke Free For Life Quit Smoking Facilitator Training

Smoke-Free for Life

Smoking & Vaping Cessation Training

Are you a health educator interested in learning an easy and comprehensive way to teach your community to Quit?

Breathe PA, an organization dedicated to helping people with lung disease to live healthier lives, has created a program called Smoke Free for Life. This program has helped thousands of people Quit and stay smoke-free to the rest of their lives.

We now offer this program to educators through our Smoking & Vaping Cessation Training. This training, provided exclusively by Breathe PA, provides health educators with the information and tools they need to teach members of their community to quit smoking & vaping.  The program focuses on the individual needs of nicotine and/or vape users through customized quit plans, trigger management and success strategies.

During the training, educators can expect to develop a broad understanding of tobacco and nicotine dependence, nicotine-delivery devices, motivational interviewing and counseling skill development, treatment planning strategies, and pharmacotherapy knowledge.

In addition to learning cessation strategies, our training will also provide you with a curriculum and teaching materials. This means you don’t have to prepare the lessons because they are all done for you!

Classes are offered monthly via GoToTraining, for $250 per participant. To see available class dates and to register click below.

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Is This Training Program Right for You?

If you are an educator looking to train a group of people to stop smoking & vaping, then Breathe PA’s Smoking & Vaping Cessation Training is right for you! This training is designed for:

  • Community-based health educators
  • Health care professionals, such as nurses and respiratory therapists
  • Drug and alcohol treatment staff
  • Wellness coaches

About the Facilitator Training:

 Breathe PA’s Smoking & Vaping Cessation Training takes 12 hours to complete. A portion of the training is considered “pre-work.” Pre-work is completed at your own pace the week prior to the live training and is required to attend the live virtual training. The live virtual training consists of a full day (8 hours) of course content.

 After registering for your preferred class date, you will receive an email from GoToTraining that provides instructions on how to access the training the day of the class. All pre-work will be sent to the addresses provided (home/business and email) at least one week before the live virtual training.

12 hours of American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) continuing education credits are available upon request to qualified individuals. Registrants must select that credits are requested upon registering for the training. All participants that complete the training will receive a certificate of completion and be qualified to facilitate the Smoke-Free for Life program in their community.

Download Our Free “Quitting Options” Worksheet

If you are interested in the “Smoke Free For Life” facilitator training program you can download a sample of one of our worksheets included in the class materials that are included with the program. This is our “Quitting Options: Every method works – you just have to MAKE it work!” This provides a condensed explanation of all the most effective methods to quit smoking or vaping as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each of these particular methods. These materials are free and come with no obligation. We encourage you to learn more about the “Smoke Free For Life” Facilitator training so you can further your efforts to help others quit for good.

Quit Smoking

Smoke-Free For Life
Program Information

For more information about the Smoke-Free For Life program, contact:
Rebecca Kishlock, BA, CTTS
Tobacco Cessation and Education Programs Associate
Office: (724) 772-1750