Success Story – Bruce S.

Bruce S. was diagnosed with asthma some time ago, but was recently experiencing severe shortness of breath and a cough so severe in the morning he felt he might lose consciousness. His physician was hesitant to write a prescription for anything other than a basic albuterol inhaler due to cost because he does not have insurance. The albuterol inhaler was no longer working for him, so a friend referred him to Breathe Pennsylvania. Through the Patient Assistance program, Breathe Pennsylvania was able to cover the cost of the medicine that his physician felt would help his asthma. Marianne, the clinical director at Breathe Pennsylvania, visited with Bruce S. the day after he received his medications to educate him about asthma, triggers, types of medications and how and why to use a spacer and peak flow meter. Bruce shared the following with us:

“You gave me a lot of information to digest – even more than I would have thought to ask.”
“I found out what one of my triggers is. I wouldn’t have given it any thought if you hadn’t told me what some of the triggers are.”
“I honestly feel that there’s been a real improvement in my health. My wife and I can’t believe you spent so much time with me. That just doesn’t happen these days. I can’t thank you enough!”