Success Story – Jolie M.

I was introduced to Breathe Pennsylvania through my children’s doctor and Interim Healthcare after giving birth to premature triplet girls on August 31, 2012. Born at just 26 weeks, Amae, Nia, and Maryn were all placed on ventilators. Nia sadly passed away this past February, and Amae (1 lb 15 oz at birth) and Maryn (2 lbs at birth) were hospitalized until March and May, respectively. Maryn, who has a feeding tube and Amae, who is still on a ventilator, receive 16 hours of daily in-home nursing care provided by Interim Healthcare.

Living in a two-story home with no central air, combined with having a ventilator and oxygen concentrator, as well as other medical equipment that emits heat, made things challenging. The girls were constantly sweating and burning up, and the warm and humid Spring drastically compromised their breathing. Through the Patient Assistance Program, Breathe Pennsylvania provided us with a single unit air-conditioner for the girls’ room to help regulate the room temperature, as well as a portable nebulizer (not covered by insurance) to make it easier to administer breathing treatments to Amae when traveling away from home to her doctor’s appointments.

We are so grateful for the help we received from Breathe Pennsylvania. People are going through financial hardships and fighting battles, and every little bit helps. This was truly a blessing and came right in time for the girls, especially because it was so hot and humid. The girls are doing well now, and just celebrated their 1st birthday.