The popular Flovent inhalers, Flovent HFA and Flovent Diskus, are set to be discontinued in January 2024. Pharmaceutical companies often modify their product lineups in response to market demands, medical advancements, or patient needs. While the discontinuation of the Flovent Inhalers may cause concern, it’s crucial to stay informed and proactive in seeking suitable alternatives.

If you are currently using this inhaler, there are steps you can take immediately. While you may still be able to refill your Flovent, it is important to consider your next steps so that your asthma remains controlled. Consult with your healthcare provider to discuss safe alternatives. Always continue the asthma management care plan established by your physician. Additionally, contact your insurance company to understand coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs for the authorized generic or a brand name alternative in the same class.

Throughout this transition, Breathe Pennsylvania is available to offer support. We provide adult and pediatric asthma education, COPD support, patient assistance, and more! Change can be intimidating, but resources are available to guide you through this process. For more information on the services offered by Breathe PA, please call 724-772-1750 or visit