The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older receive a yearly flu shot and it is especially important during this pandemic, but it’s also important for those at higher risk to know which types are available and recommended for those aged 65 and over. For example, there is a High Dose Flu Vaccine and Adjuvanted Vaccine for older folks. Don’t know what that means? Go here to learn more about the flu and different types of vaccines for those 65 and over:

For the best information regarding the flu this season no matter what your age visit the CDC’s page at:

While you are getting immunized for the season check with your physician to make sure you are up to date with the pneumococcal vaccine (that’s the pneumonia vaccine) for those 65 and over. It can be just as important as getting the flu vaccine, especially if you have a chronic lung disease.

Try to get your flu shot in September or October and in the meantime, wear your mask when going out, keep your distance, stay away from big crowds, and wash your hands. All these things will help you stay healthy during this challenging time.