Direct Lung Education

Breathe Pennsylvania provides lung disease education with a focus on asthma and COPD management to individuals with the goal of educating them about their disease and improving their quality of life. Learn More

School Asthma Initiative

Breathe Pennsylvania’s School Asthma Initiative (SAI) is a comprehensive asthma management program designed to use a multi-pronged approach to build a school-wide support system for students with asthma. Learn More

Smoke-Free For Life

Smoke-Free For Life is an eight-session smoking cessation program developed by Breathe Pennsylvania. This approach focuses on the individual needs of each smoker, while in a group setting. Learn More

Smokeless Saturday

Smokeless Saturday is a teen education and cessation program for students found with tobacco on school grounds. It offers an alternative to suspension and fines to those students violating school tobacco policies. Learn More

Tuberculosis Education

Breathe Pennsylvania offers public and professional tuberculosis education materials, training and financial support for tuberculosis services and research. Learn More


Grievance Process for Program Participants